101 – Luxurious Large Powder Brush


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Natural hair

For application of powder or bronzer all over face.


I am delighted to present my signature makeup brush line!

Kerry-Lou brushes are hand-crafted using different kinds of high quality natural hair, as well as man-made materials, depending on the tasks the brush was designed for.

I have personally designed this selection of brushes based on my most beloved, tried and true brushes from my own professional makeup kit.

Each makeup brush head is expertly shaped by hand to create the best shape for each task.  They are coaxed into shape from underneath, so that the tips of the hairs remain soft and tapered.  The tips are never cut – that would feel spikey against the skin!

A good quality, natural hair makeup brush could last a lifetime if properly cared for.  Many of the brushes in my personal makeup kit are over twenty years old!  With a good quality natural hair makeup brush, the softness will actually improve with age!

Natural hair brushes are best for powder products, because they “grab” and deposit pigments, (eyeshadow, blush, contour) where you want it – it’s less likely to fly everywhere and make a mess!

Synthetic brushes are best for crème and liquid products, like crème eye shadows, concealers and foundations.  They will not absorb the product, which would make them harder to clean and dry.

I hope you will enjoy using your Kerry-Lou brushes them as much as I enjoyed designing them!

~ K-L

In stock


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