It was such a pleasure to do hair and makeup for Tala and her large bridal party!  Look at all of those glamorous women!  Luckily, I had my team of expert stylists, Pro-Style-Crew, to work their magic on those beautiful bridesmaids.  Even with a large party like this, the morning runs smoothly with the right team.Tala Manassah2

Because Tala wore a dramatic Vera Wang ball gown, her hair style also had to make a statement.  In this case, big hair is good – the hair should be in proportion to the dress.  Think modern Marie Antoinette!

Tala Manassah1

Seeing the joy of Tala and Deb as they were about to marry, we felt so happy to know that every day more and more people recognize the equality of same-sex couples. And how exciting that just a week after this wedding, the Supreme Court made two decisions in favor of marriage equality!  Congratulations to Tala, Deb, and all of the couples who have just gained the freedom to marry.


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