Pro-Style-Crew member Margie Brescianni did both hair and make-up on Model Tiffany Cuadra for our website shoot this week.  The photo is by Joe Henson of NYC.

At Pro-Style-Crew, we work on many different types of weddings, and it’s very important that your hair and make fits perfectly with the style of your event.  Tiffany s style is perfect for a casual, laid back affair; perhaps a beach wedding or a garden wedding.

The fish-tale braid, is more intricate than a regular braid, and is a nice option when humid weather is expected.   Margie used a light weight base, and concealer with a bit more coverage where needed, “Tiffany s skin is lovely” says make-up artist Margie, “so why cover it up with thick foundation?”

We always encourage a good skin care ritual, especially coming up to a special event.


Photo by: Joe Henson


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