I first met fashion and style expert Katrina Szish

Photo by Joshua Wong NYC Hair and makeup by Kerry-Lou

Photo by Joshua Wong NYC
Hair and makeup by Kerry-Lou

when I was working doing hair and makeup on a TV show “Life and Style” in NYC about 6 years ago.  Katrina was a regular style and fashion contributor, and so she was often in my makeup chair.  I loved her sense of style and how playful she was with fashion, and how in turn she would let me have fun with her hair and makeup.  I really looked forward to her being a guest on the show.

We stayed in touch long after the show ended.  She has been a very busy lady since, last month she could be seen meeting and greeting stars on the Oscars red carpet.

I was thrilled when she called me to do her wedding day hair and makeup for her in October 2014.

We always give looks that we do quirky names, we called her wedding day look the “Old Hollywood mermaid” (we didn’t mean that the mermaid was old – the hairstyle was a nod to old Hollywood lol)  I styled her hair in big sexy waves, coaxing her hair away from her radiant face!  and she was soo radiant and happy to be marrying her lovely Marc!


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